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Thank you for your interest in 2cPanel Hosting Service. We are excited and delighted that you are thinking of using our next-generation hosting platform for your project.

Public Beta Testing

  • Novermber 11, 2018

There is no doubt that this is a great product, something that has already been attested by an alpha group, but still needs to be tuned for mass adoption.

But at this time till December 8th, we will be in beta mode where we publicly test everything out to ensure that every link, every integration, every systems is performing as expected.

Now, using a beta product is not for everyone. A product in beta is for early adopters, which is often a unique group of people who are constantly the first to use new products. They are eager to participate in the development of the product, regularly provide feedback, and enjoy watching the product evolve to become everything they wish for it to be.

Early adopters accept and embrace the fact, that they may be using a product which is not yet perfected. They are ready to overlook imperfections, believe in the vision and always eager to be the first among their friends to try the newest and latest technologies.

We will be intently listening to your feedback and adjusting the features to make sure they are absolutely perfect. If you would like to be part of this public testing (as we work to complete all integration), please use the contact field below to send us your contact information.

Join Our Public Beta

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